Black Triangle Sighting in Bridport, on 2017-09-18 23:00:00 – Red flashing lights in a triangular shape, no visible solid object

At night time at about 11.00pm when going for a cigarette at the back of my house i observed a triangle of red flashing lights moving in a southerly direction above a hill approximately 2 miles from me towards the sea which is close by , half a mile away , the lights made a triangle shape and i estimate there to have been 9 of them. moving at not a very fast rate. i know that planes and helicopters of which i see quite a few at night have only 1 red and 1 green light to indicate port and starboard.. i estimate the size of the object to have been approximately 100 feet along the base by 130 feet from top to bottom. my observation lasted for about 2 minutes, had no camera with me, did not want to get one as it may not have been there when i returned.I heard no noise and have not heard locally of anyone else seeing it. shape as below

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