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Jet Fighter Follows UFO Over Tampa

     I did not know who or how to contact someone with this “sighting” and still a little apprehensive to call my local TV station. My fiance and I were driving in Tampa this morning and at around 9:50 am, we saw what appeared to be a craft which was white and bulbous (which I assume to be the front) and a lip on the back-end; it looked like a side view of a horse shoe crab.
By Diana L. Marquez
The UFO Chronicles

We had a very good view of it and we could tell that it was traveling far into the distance at a very high rate of speed and then it was gone. it just seem to disappear.

This went on for less than a minute and about 2 minutes later we saw a fighter jet (MacDill AFB is not far from where we were) which seemed to be in pursuit, it was following the same trajectory as this craft. Just so you are aware, Tampa International Airport is not far from where we were and we can always see the planes come and go and there is NO WAY that a commercial airplane could be traveling at that rate of speed and so high up taking off from the airport.

We were just wondering if you have heard about any sightings in or around this area recently, or maybe explain to us what we saw. Any information would be much appreciated, thanks!

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