UFO Sighting in St. Catharines, Ontario on 2017-09-22 21:45:00 – I did not see them i took photos using a tripod experimenting and only saw them when i uploaded to my computer

I went outside at about 9.40 pm to experiment taking photos of the evening sky and had set my camera nikon d500 up on a tripod set my camera on about 10 second time exposure.The lense a tamron 16-300mm was on full zoom. i took about 5 photos and then finished at at about 9/45pm and returned to upload my pics and see how they turned out. i using windows 10 photo editing and hit the enhance button and was quite amazed at what i saw. i then zoomed in using their zoom tool and once again saw some really inexpiable objects. in the one photo the object is on the center left of the screen and in the right upper part of the photo was a blueish light with a white trail…This looked like a missile of sorts.I am willing to forward originals to you for examination.

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