UFO Sighting in Cypress, California on 2017-09-23 23:01:00 – Saw a glowing light surrounded by a boomerang shaped force field

I was walking the baby in stroller down my alley and i was looking up in the southwestern sky. i saw a moving star traveling from west to east in the southwest sky. i didnt know but i thought maybe a plane crossing some clouds. the thing looked like a small star surrounded by a boomerang shaped cloud from front to almost all the way around it. it had orange or reddish glow and cloud cover was distinct although light in color. it was on straight path until it just stopped and vanished cloud cover and all. i shouted to my son in law to come and look at this strange boomerang shaped ufo in the night sky. i looked all around the sky for any sign of it but there were only two military jets that came to try to follow the path of this thing they quickly vanished from sight due to their high rate of speed. i then went inside the house to call mufon but just went on my laptop instead to report it. the object just seemed to vanish out of sight . boomerang cloud cover and all.

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