UFO Database: “Category 4: Animal Effect Cases”

30 November 2012 (NICAP.org) Text by Francis Ridge: “The NSID listing above is a comprehensive list with many links to case material. Incidents involving Distant Encounters (Cat 1), Close Encounters (Cat 2), E-M (Cat 3), Medical Effects (Cat5), Trace Cases (Cat 6), Entities (Cat 7), Photographic Cases (Cat 8), Radar (Cat 9), Radiation (Cat 10), […]

Over 8,000 People Evacuated on Ambae in Vanuatu

One large-scale evacuation is already occurring in Indonesia as Agung remains restless, but in the South Pacific, another volcano is causing nearly as much trouble. Manaro Voui, on Ambae in the island nation of Vanuatu, has seen its eruptive activity increase dramatically, so much so that authorities have ordered over 8,000 people to evacuate. The island […]

UFO Sighting in Hesperia, California on 2017-09-24 19:15:00 – Looked to be reflecting the sun light. not burning in atmosphere. near earth object reflecting light possibly.

Very bright light. appeared to be a helicopter at first except there were no flashing lights. moved slowly through sky from south west toward the east at 7:15-7:20pm sept 24. watched as light moved east. intensity of light stayed consistent. last 5 seconds it dimmed quickly and was no longer visible. faded as it passed […]

We’ve just seen 15 new mysterious cosmic radio bursts from space

ONE of the most mysterious things in space just got even weirder. Fifteen new fast radio bursts have been spotted – all from the only source of these that we have ever seen repeat. Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are some […] The post We’ve just seen 15 new mysterious cosmic radio bursts from space appeared […]

NASA eyes Neptune and Uranus for missions in the 2030s

Uranus and Neptune have never got much attention from us – we’ve only passed each once and never hung around. But that could change. A NASA group has now outlined possible missions to make it to one of these outer […] The post NASA eyes Neptune and Uranus for missions in the 2030s appeared first […]

KECKSBURG UFO INCIDENT: Eyewitness, Report To US Air Force

Eyewitness ReportTo The US Air Force12-9-1965 Dec 9th, 1965 Gentlemen, I have just returned from a convention in Miami beach, via Tampa on Air Canada Flight. Since I just sighted this “thing” over your country I suppose you are the people I should report to. At approx 4:45 p.m. and at about 10 minutes flying […]

Indonesia’s Agung Raised to Highest Alert for Eruption

A volcano that produced Indonesia’s largest eruption of the 20th century has been elevated to the country’s highest alert because of increasing unrest. As a result, tens of thousands of people have started evacuating the area near Agung on the island of Bali with memories of the 1963 eruption that killed over 1,200 people. Most of […]

Mysterious Glowing Orb follows his own flight trajectory over London

The Orb phenomenon is still a mystery. While, some researchers have agreed that some orbs are the result from natural phenomena such as insects, dust, pollen, or water vapor there is no doubt that some orbs may well be representing something supernatural, a reality that is not yet understood by UFO and paranormal investigators. Is […]

Steven Spielberg Offered To Aid In United Nations UFO Effort

     Steven Spielberg is really into UFOs. This is not too hard to imagine given movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET: The Extraterrestrial and his mini-series Taken, among others. In a recent interview with journalist Lee Speigel, I discovered that he also lent a helping hand in a 1970s effort to […]

NSA Declassifies Documents on MUFON Conference

     The National Security Agency recently released the majority of a 1978 memo prepared by an assignee (see below) about his attendance at a UFO conference. The document was obtained following a Jan. 24, 2017, request for a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR). The five-page memo contains the subject line, “Information request solicitation,” and advises […]

UFO Sighting in Nottingham, England on 2017-08-30 00:00:00 – My daughter took a picture from her window and didn’t notice anything. after looking at the picture she noticed an object in the sky to the right of the photo, it is a large disc shaped with a metalic ring and a lot of light emitting from the top

My daughter, who lives in nottingham, uk was looking at the evening sky late august this year 2017, she just took the photo and didn’t notice the object at the time. later when looking at it she noticed the object to the right of the photo. it is in the sky in the early evening. […]