UFO Sighting in Cleveland, Ohio on 2017-09-24 02:30:00 – Strange ufos in night sky

I looked out my window at 2:00am witnessing a bright light in the sky between an opening through the leaves of a large tree in my backyard. the light was larger than any star in the sky. it was larger than any visible planet. as i watched it i noticed it was moving. with the help of the leaves, i could tell the pace of the movement more easily because it disappeared behind the leaves. it moved faster than stars in the sky, but much slower than airplanes, sattelites, etc. so, i grabbed my good camera and tripod and ran to my back porch.

i found openings between leaves and branches by standing, kneeling and in between then adjusted my tripod, zoomed in 30x, and began snapping pictures. it seemed to first be moving upwards in the sky. so i would have to adjust my tripod higher up. then it started on a slow path downward on what i believe is about 150-160 degree angle. eventually it seemed to stop and go straight downward at a 90 degree angle for the remainder of the sighting. i ended up having my tripod go from all the way down, then all the way up, then all the way down again.

i almost felt like the object wanted to observe something on the ground, maybe the nearby airport, or maybe the nasa glenn research center, both a few miles south of the objects. it moved slow enough for most to not think twice when seeing it, maybe thinking it is just a large bright star. although it was definitely larger and closer than even the largest star that can ever be observed in the sky. i have been studying ufos and e.T.S for a year now, so i definitely noticed that i was seeing something different here. i see things all of the time but this is by far one of the coolest sightings i have had.

i focused on this object that usually remained red and blue in the pictures pulsating fast in a pattern of red, white, blue. what i found very strange, were these smaller copper/silver colored objects that appeared in the photos i was taking near the main ufo. i did not see these objects myself at all, but they were obviously there. then i noticed another object very similar to the main one i was already snapping photos of. this one however, seemed to be blinking fast between the main colors of orange, white and yellow rather than red, white and blue. the last photo attached is of the orange and yellow object.

i observed these objects between 2-3am. if i held a ruler in the sky, the object moved over a foot within an hour. i do not know of a man made or known space object that moves at that rate and looks like the pictures i have attached. the whole time i felt i was looking at something really special.

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