UFO Sighting in Edmond, Oklahoma on 2017-09-24 20:30:00 – Silent sliver of gold light that grew larger until sudden disappearance in partially cloudy night sky

I was outside smoking a cigarette, talking with a friend on the phone. i usually look up at the stars at night while smoking. i noticed it by chance. at first, i thought i was looking at a tiny sliver of a crescent moon, half of it being obscured by partial cloud cover. but as i looked more closely, it grew into a triangle-ish shape, the “bottom”of the light widened while also shimmering in a waterfall-esque way, while the “top” remained a single point. it looked like it could have been an explosion in outer space. i don’t think it was a craft although i wouldn’t rule it out.

i heard no sound. the light remained stationary as it changed shape, until i looked away momentariliy to dispose of my cigarette in an ashtray and it just was just gone by the time i’d finished putting my cigarette out. i didn’t see it disappear. it just was there until it wasn’t. very weird.

upon further reflection i decided that what i saw couldn’t have been the moon behind moving clouds, because i know from experience that at that particular time of night during the fall, the moon would be further east in the sky. i couldn’t see the moon anywhere in the sky. i only saw the weird light, and stars. it’s worth noting that the place where the moon would have been at that time of night was entirely obscured by clouds, different than the ones obstructing the western part of the sky, where i saw the light(s?).

i’ve never seen a ufo in my entire 22 years of life and right now i’m starting to question my sanity.

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