UFO Sighting in Armada, Michigan on 2017-09-25 07:30:00 – Finished mowing lawn just before dark, turned to south, saw half-moon bright light from rear, then it took off in a straight path eastward.

Was in armada, mi at the time, about 7:30pm est. just finished mowing the grass as it was getting dark, but still dusk. was talking with friend outside his house and turned to south. freaked out and saw a bright half-moon shaped bright light coming from rear of flight object hovering in air. vehicle was hovering until the light appeared, then took off in a straight path to the east and disappeared almost immediately. not sure the speed, but it was a fast event. just caught the light and saw the object (dark grey/charcoal surface). rounded and curved on top and bottom..Appeared symmetrical. top and bottom were almost like a thinner, aerodynamic shape. smooth and curved on top and bottom. freaked out and told buddy i was talking to, he said he just caught the light and didn’t see whole thing. feelings = freaked out, amazed, awestruck, curious. lost sight as it immediately (and quickly) took off after bright light appeared from rear. this was no blimp, plane, military aircraft, drone, experimental aircraft nothing. it seemed to rise out of nowhere because i just saw turned around and saw it hovering about a couple miles away, then it took off. amazing, will never forget it.

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