UFO Sighting in Hallandale Beach, Florida on 2017-09-25 00:00:00 – Over sized , dark object with lot of different colored bright lights , silent traveling above my building se

I was sitting on my balcony taking to my roommate, she was smoking sigaret .. it was around 11:15 pm .. the sky was dark and you could spot few clouds nw .. i saw bright clouds and the first thing that came to my mine , i was thinking that my roommate sigaret smoke did that vision , then i realized that smoke from sigaret can not be that bright and so up in the sky , so i relocated my self closer to the mosquito net so i could look up to the sky and when i did , i was completely in shock, i am still in shock… there was this huge ship , i saw oly the bottom of it , it reminded me of the skat fish with out the tail , enormous size , no noise of any kind , dark grey ,lighter then our dark sky’ and lots of different colors and sizes lights ( red , yellow orange,white ) it was slowly floating above my building. i live on the 7th floor my building has it 12 th floor and this ship was very low to the building , it was lower the clouds ,the minut i realized what i saw , me and my roommate run down to the other side of the building to the stair case where my roommate saw it flying towards ocean , i was looking in opposite direction and lost the site of the ship . i will try to discribe my feeling when i saw the ship , i froze , my heart was beating so fast , goose bumps all over my body the most scariest was running to the other side of the building stair case , just the thought that they could abduct , but we did it anyway . my life changed from this night forever . i did the drowning of the ship as well and i did one similar on google l2 but mine had more rounded ends from the sides . i know exactly what i saw and i had like good 3 seconds to observe the ship . ps. the ship was going true the clouds but kinda lower then clouds. after it pass trough me and my roommate realize that the clouds not round no more but have lots of lines parallel to my balcony and the ship was going directly above my balcony to the south .

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