UFO Sighting in Higginsville, Missouri on 2017-09-27 22:15:00 – Flashing lights in night sky

On 9-27-17 approx. 10:15pm cst, i had taken my dog outside, so that she could use the restroom. i’ve gotten into the habit of looking up at night sky, which is what i did, and i noticed what i first thought to be a plane, but this object was blinking red ,blue, green and white lights. the object also seemed to have a smooth coasting feel to it, maybe do to it not producing any noise. for the steady pace it was moving and for the night sky being so clear, i was surprised that there wasn’t any noise coming from the object. i ran the dog inside and had my wife come outside with me, so she could see also. we observed the flying object and another one appeared from nowhere, right next to the flying object we were already watching. now there were two. i then seen a third flashing object flying from the opposite direction, head towards the other two. at some point there was a fourth object flying in another direction. we watched these objects fly different directions until they were out of visibility but they would quickly head back towards the area that i had seen them in originally. one of the objects became stationary, approximately 2-3 miles away from were my wife and i stood, and two of the other objects seemed to fly close to the stationary object and then fly out of sight and eventually fly back. this entire time i was taking pictures and videos with my phone. aside from a couple random blinks that i captured on video, the rest of my pics and vids were completely dark, not even the bright stars could be seen in them. the lights were at times pulsating rapidly and at other times the would have a steady continuous flash that alternated in colors. one of the objects even put of a bright white flash once, like a camera flash. my wife had to go inside and attend to the kids and after a couple minutes i went inside also, so i could download a camera app that may be able to capture what it was my wife and i were looking at. i came back outside around 11pm and they were gone. the sky seemed to be darker and the stars didn’t seem as bright as they were. i’ve seen planes in the sky at night and whatever i seen this night in the sky was unlike any plane i’ve ever seen. this was my first time seeing anything like this and i’m still a bit weirded out over what they could have been.

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