UFO Sighting in Murray Bridge, South Australia on 2017-09-26 22:55:00 – Standing out side, the whitish blueish cloud like look in the night sky,the moon,out of control ufo left a s shaped path , on its side fading in the distant night, at the time confused , after understood what happened,it faded away into the night……..

I was walking to my house at night,seen a ufo in the south west about 45 degrees, it looked like a whitish /blueish hand shaped cloud in front of the moon,it lasted for about 30 seconds. there was no moon in that position of the sky. to me a ufo entered our atmosphere out of control,left a big s shape whitish smoke trail that was separating into the night.About three times the trail towards the s/w was a hand shaped ufo,it looked like a hand shape in an upright position . it was whitish and bluish in color, it corrected itself and faded into the night … it lasted for 30 seconds.. it was not a plane helicopter ,drone, blimp, ..

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