UFO Sighting in Newberg, Oregon on 2017-09-27 03:00:00 – The same 5 bright lights…

About 3am? the wind picked up knocking over something metal outside. i happened to get up and check out the sky since two days prior my friend had told me about they saw lights slowly pulsing from red to white in a town i can view from my windows. as i was looking at a colorful star i noticed a small light that got brighter. i focused my attention to it and realize it was not just one small light.
to the naked eye you could see 5 lights, they were in a horizontal line about 15 degrees up from the horizon. the left light was red, the right light was white, and it looked as though the 3 in the middle faded from red to white perfectly. the white light on the right would become extremely bright then dim, then the middle orangish light would brighten to white then dim. sometimes it happened together, sometimes it was the light 2nd from the right. but the dominate light that was usually bright was furthest right.
i ran upstairs where i keep space binoculars and watches it for almost two hours. i still could see no connection from one light to another, but they were truely in a straight line and stayed that way.. by the second hour i finally noticed how far away it looked that i couldn’t even see it with my naked eye anymore. to me it seemed as though ever so slowly it got further away.
in the beginning viewing it normally from red to white light was about an inch of sky, by the end so small it couldn’t be measured.

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