UFO Sighting in Donauwörth, Bayern on 2017-09-25 06:30:00 – Star like with observed me

File 1:one sees at a minute 40 something stand out the flight looks like the same.

file 2:i listen footsteps at 39 sec. and two minutes 13,on the roof above me. i think this small creature where lift up straight from the roof .

file 3:i only wanted to look for a dustbin for a firm stand, but found in the garage no and forgot to turn off the camera and she was always on and hold her

file 4:at two minutes 13 you can see the object if you quickly through the video ride and stoppet and tries to recognize what flashes and an object that is so fast near of me.

all this has started with a speed camera from the object i do not know exactly what went after it i think it has me observed something i’ve never experienced once i could perceive a bright light but i’m trying to focus on this object that i have around me nothing more.

analyse my video s thank’s

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