UFO Sighting in Gresham, Oregon on 2017-09-23 20:45:00 – Starlike llight stationary, descending, change direction,then zipped through the sky.

I was standing outside the bowling alley facing south, i looked into the sky and seen the moon was located to my southwest. i look straight ahead due south and seen what i thought was a bright star in the sky, as i watched it, it looked as though it was floating down the horizon, and it got larger like it was coming towards me, i thought at that point maybe it was a falling star. but with all the city lights it is very rare to see a star that bright and i could not perceive the distance of it. as it seemed to get brighter and closer it started to pulse and it then seemed to change direction as if moving away from me. it abruptly stopped, then slowly traveled straight across the sky going west then it ascended slowly in a southwest direction at a 40 degree angle then zipped quickly in the southwest direction and the light disappeared. it did not leave a tail the light just simply blinked and it was gone. the entire thing only lasted less then 90 seconds.

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