UFO Sighting in Sydney , Nova Scotia on 1973-05-08 00:00:00 – I work up to my bedroom lit. went to paretns next door. turned around and grover was standing there. smiline. i said hi. he samiled and my parents told me to go to bed. i told grover good night then went to bed.

This is part one of my encounter. my mother and father and i were living in my grandparents house on the main road overlooking the atlantic oceans the small village of neils’; harbor cape breton was dark a t the time. i awoke to light filling my room. i got up and walked into my parents adjoining room. once they realized i was standing there they sent me back to bed. i turned around to find a full-sized grover from sesame street standing there smiling at me. he was easily as tall as me and i felt no threat from him. i said hi. my parents asked who i was talking to and then sent me to be when i said who. i bid grover goodnight had to move around him to get to me bed and then went to sleep. he wasn’t there when i woke up.

a year or so later we moved to a tailor court near sydney ns. while walking down the main dirt road one after noon with a friend, the friend has to go home to pee. so i waited on the road. since it was mid day there was no traffic. i found myself looking up where a circular object that reminded me at the top of the rings of a stove top burn was hovering among the clouds. it seemed to hover over me as a was staring straight up. it appeared as a set of concentric chalky rings with sky blue between them. i stared at it for a time then watched it go in an out of a cloud before flashing off toward the east. all the while appearing like a white flat coil to my young eyes. it would be several years before i hear the term ufo. weirdest of all was that when my friend returned, he asked where i had been. apparently he had been looking for several minutes and i was no where to be found. i only remember looking up and watching the shapes move. as far as i remember i never left my spot in the middle of the road. suffice it to say that concentric shape has haunted me the rest of my life.

since then i have kept alert for any description of similar sighting and have personally encountered non. although one fellow did say other such things have been seen.

it may be relevant that there was a heavy water plant and a power station in the general area of the second event.

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