UFO Sighting in Wake Forest, North Carolina on 2017-09-28 22:10:00 – I saw a helicopter chasing a round or rather oval craft that was massive in size matte black in color

My sighting occurred at approximately 10:00 to 10:10 in the evening of sep 28th, 2017. i live in a rural area approximately 20 miles northeast of raleigh, nc near the town of wake forest. my daughter had been over for dinner and as she was getting ready to leave i escorted her outside to her car. we were standing outside carrying on a conversation when, in the distance, i heard the approaching sound of a helicopter. as i looked toward the sound i see the lights of the helicopter approaching. and by the way they were blue. i would say first off that often it is hard to discern how far away an object is in the sky. sometimes objects are farther away than they might initially appear. but i could clearly see the helicopter and it was facing broadside to me as we were watching it. and at this point the helicopter was hovering—i’d say perhaps for maybe twenty seconds or so. it then began to turn to the right towards our position and began to accelerate very rapidly. i would also note that the helicopter seemed to be a rather large, twin rotor aircraft. my sense was that it was military. and i could plainly see blue lights both fore and aft on the helicopter. one thing that struck me was that the helicopter was flying extremely fast for something with rotors.
but as the helicopter passed by us i exclaimed to my daughter, ” that helicopter is chasing something.
so, my best observation of what i saw was something like a yellow round, faintly glowing orb or ball way out in front of the helicopter that it was trying to catch up to. and as we were following the helicopter going by us left to right we could see the moon in the distance.And only because at that moment the moon was lighting the sky could we see what the helicopter was chasing—–a massive black craft or, rather, what i would describe as an oval shaped craft much larger than a commercial airliner, perhaps the size of two thirds of a football field. the craft was not completely round but more of an oval shape. we could clearly see it although the sighting lasted only four or five seconds. there were no wings and absolutely no sound from it, the only sound being from the helicopter. i would estimate the helicopter was four to five hundred yards behind the craft.
here’s another observation, really just a gut feeling that the helicopter was chasing the craft as opposed to escorting it. i don’t know why but that’s just the sense i had. i think probably because they were both traveling at such a high rate of speed

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