Black Triangle Sighting in Staples, Minnesota on 2017-09-30 01:43:00 – Looked up saw one set of lights thought it was an airplane – than another and another.

I get up around this time most mornings to go have a cigarette.
our back door faces due south.
i always look up at the sky to see if i can see stars.
i looked directly to the south sky and noticed what i thought at first was an airplane with the blinking red light on it. other stars were visible and bright.
so i am looking at this “airplane” when it divides its singular light into two. i was thinking boy “you need to get your eyes checked”.
there is always a bright star in that same area that i look at, yet this one was not it.
so i brush it off as an “airplane” when i look around more to the west and see another double light.These two sets of blinking lights mimicked a straight line turned north west.
at this time i was getting a bit nervous because i have followed stories, watched movies on ufo’s and other beings.
in my mind i was trying to brush it off “i didn’t want to get abducted”.
i kept thinking so i turned due west as i always due when putting out my cigarette when i noticed another set of these blinking double lights.
this last set of lights where in the direction of west, north west.
i put the dimensions into perspective to see a triangle shape with a lot of space in between. i am certain that it was transparent. this area being open helps with the mindset that i didn’t just see what i thought i saw.
i didn’t get photos or video, i am to scared to go back outside.
this happened 1 hour ago.
your form made me choose a duration of time starting at 1 hour, this experience only lasted 7 minutes for me.
please contact me with any questions comments or concerns you may have.
thank you for your time.
i am a full believer now.

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