UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 2017-07-31 00:00:00 – Aurora plane, moved too slow to stay in the air. came to a stop, rotated 90 deg in place, sat motionless like rocket on launch pad for 3 count then went straight up and vanished instantly.

Two o’clock afternoon driving west on interstate 30 just west of downtown ft worth. just south of joint fighter base, the old carswell afb. saw a blackish greenish plane flying low just above trees to nw. it was flying too slow and low for a normal plane. i watched it for a good 30 sec trying to figure out what it was when it went behind a 15 story building. it reappeared west of building after 10 sec just north of interest 30 approximately 500′ above ground. i was focused on it looking for details. no cockpit window or windows at all. i had view of port side which had three rectangle type picture frame outlines down the side. it had a tail section that would be the rudder part but didn’t see any wing structures on tail or otherwise. maybe it was too low or my angle for me to see them? then, it stopped in mid air in place for about a three count. then rotated 90 degrees, in place on it’s tail so now it’s like a rocket on launch pad. hung there for another three count then took off straight up and within one body length of itself vanished. just disappeared. no sound, no con trail, nothing. my mouth dropped open and i started looking at other cars and driver’s seeing if anyone else was looking up like me.
the whole time the plane was lightly shaking like two magnets do when you put common poles facing each other.

later i talked to an flight instructor at the base, he is also an x air force 1 pilot. i saw his air force 1 license. i told him my story and he told me to look up the aurora. i did and the pic is close but not correct with what i saw. i spoke with him again and told him the pic is not correct. he pulled it up on his phone and we looked at it. i told him like the pic there was no cockpit window. he said because it’s a drown because it travels mock 10 humans can’t handle it. i pointed out the pic didn’t have the rectangle frames on the side. he said they were on the other side. which would work because the pic was of the starboard side. i ask him what the engine was and he said he didn’t know. i said i thought it was magnetic of some sort because the way it shimmered and the moves it made. he looked at me like i was either a total idiot or i guessed it, i don’t know?

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