UFO Sighting in St Kitts, on 2017-08-17 23:30:00 – Was on a cruise ship coming back to florida from st kitts. was out on the balcony, first thought it was a falling star, but it stopped, did several turns, hovered, then took off over the ship

I was on a cruise ship, we were returning from st kitts to ft lauderdale. i went out on the balcony which i did every night. i first noticed the object cause i thought it was a falling star or meteor. the object came from the northeast, stopped, did several different moves and turns, stopped again, and then took off over the ship going southwest. the object looked opaque, glowing, orb or circle. i watched it the entire time, not believing what i was seeing, but i had saw one similar 2 months earlier in michigan. i went inside our cabin and told my husband what happened. actually made me a little scared, this is the 3rd time i have seen a ufo and made me worry why i was seeing them so often. the object ended flying away very, very, fast over the ship and disappeared.

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