UFO Sighting in Boston, New York on 2017-09-30 22:33:00 – Red and white flashing craft moving at high speeds

At 10:33 pm i went outside for a cigarette, and observed 2 blinking lights that looked like stars but brighter and flashing. as i kept watching one started to move and gain speed rapidly and a moment later the other one started moving too. they moved really fast and went in a path for a while and then changed direction and i could see the body of the craft was shiny and long. i could see multiple lights on both, which kept very quickly flashing from white to red. it was hard to see them after a minute because of how high up they were going and how fast, but i could see the moon reflecting off the craft when it flew past it. it was going so fast it looked like it was leaving a trail. eventually it flew out of view, but it made no noise. this was not airplanes or helicopters, i have never seen them stop and gain speed like these did. i live in a pretty rural area, and have observed a lot of planes and helicopters but this was not either. i also recorded on my phone but unfortunately it didn’t pick up what i was seeing.

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