Docs Want to Rein In Plastic Surgery Circus Acts

To thousands of dedicated followers on Snapchat and Instagram, he’s Dr. Miami, a plastic surgeon who has made a name posting sometimes graphic videos from inside the operating room. Paired with rap music, quirky antics and bad jokes, the Miami-based surgeon has become a brand unto himself, with a waiting list stretching into the years, […]

Daily UFO Headlines 9/27/2017

Let’s get metaphysical – Ashland Daily Tidings Brother and sister alien hunters discover ‘UFO highway’ across America – with clusters of sightings and unexplained events along same latitude – The Sun Russians spot ‘wiggly tailed UFO’ – but it’s actually something far scarier – Metro BOOK REVIEW: “Operation Trojan Horse” by John A. Keel – […]

Prince Philip’s UFO interests inspired biography

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband to the queen of England, is a UFO aficionado. His UFO interests are not only included in a biography, author Philip Eade writes in his foreword that the idea for the biography came about when he was considering writing a book about prominent ufologists in the period […]

Daily UFO Headlines 9/28/2017

Searching for a connection among Nevada’s alien lore – Las Vegas Weekly Devils Tower encounters: UFO rendezvous brings enthusiasts – Cody Weekly Is this a REAL alien? Claims this is a ‘genuine 1947 Roswell alien autopsy image’ – Daily Express Unexplained lights moving together spotted hovering over volcano in country plagued by UFO activity – […]

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Restores Consciousness?

A report that nerve stimulation was able to partially restore consciousness in a patient in a vegetative state has attracted a great deal of attention this week. The paper, published in Current Biology from French researchers Martina Corazzol and colleagues, is certainly promising, but I didn’t find it entirely convincing. Corazzol et al.’s patient was […]

Aston Martin Dives Into the Submarine Business

In recent years, Aston Martin has become the vehicle of choice for fictional secret agent James Bond. And now the British carmaker is taking its 007 reputation into the deep end. On Thursday—in Monaco, of course—Aston Martin announced it is partnering with Triton Submarines LLC to build a limited edition, luxury submarine that will have […]

We Almost Had Jet Packs on the Moon

The Apollo lunar landing missions had limitations. The personal life support system backpacks moonwalking astronauts wore didn’t have replenishing stores of consumables. Once their power and oxygen supplies were low, there was no choice but to return to the lunar module, which itself could only support two men for three days. But in early 1969 […]

Drones Can Accurately Detect Heartbeats from the Sky

Drones have the ability to do a lot of good, and recently they’ve been proving useful to rescuers in the United States by helping with hurricane recovery efforts. But what if they could do more than just document damage or survey areas? What if they could actually detect life? Researchers from the University of South Australia conducted […]

An Unprecedented Number Of Species Have Crossed The Pacific On Tsunami-Liberated Plastic Debris

March 11, 2011, 2:46 PM, 45 miles east of Tōhoku, Japan. Fifteen miles beneath the waves, a magnitude-9 megathrust earthquake strikes. The Pacific and Eurasian tectonic plates suddenly shift, shaking the surrounding crust for six minutes and creating a tidal wave almost 40 meters high, which races towards the coast of Japan. In the hours that follow, it claims […]

How Vulnerable Are Societies to Collapse?

Along the cottonwood-lined rivers of southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona, the Mimbres people did something unique: By the year 1000, these farmers were producing stunning ceramics decorated with naturalistic images of fish, people, and rabbits, as well as magical creatures and elaborate geometric patterns. And then, rather abruptly, they stopped. After roughly a century […]


Vol. 1, No. 11, December-January 1960-1961 (The UFO Investigator, Washington, D.C.) Source: J. Allen Hynek Centerfor UFO Studies ( Quote from the article: “The nationwide Air Force debunking campaign, launched in December to avoid Congressional hearings on UFOs, now has backfired severely on AF Headquarters and its official UFO spokesman, Lt. Col. Lawrence J. Tacker. […]

Space Sculptures, the Next Frontier in Art

Next time you wish upon a star, you may actually be wishing upon a giant piece of orbital artwork. Contemporary artist Trevor Paglen wondered what it would be like to launch his work into space, and with the help of Spaceflight Industries, a satellite and spaceflight services program, he is doing just that. His sculpture, […]