Alien Encounter in Tacoma, Washington on 1999-10-01 00:00:00 – Went to feed cows at a barn, noticed cows were scared. i look in font of me at least 250 -300 feet from me, slender short grey greenish, eye looking at me. i ran back homeq

We lived on a dairy farm in tacoma roy washington. we also had lived next to a military base. i was around 8 or 9 some time in 1999 or 2000. as a kid i grew up around cows and calf’s. i had a big heart for them. well one knight, i heard some of the calf’s crying. i got up and left my house very quietly. i was snot trying to get in trouble with my parents. the dairy farm was about 500 feet from my home. time was about 2.00am everyone was asleep. i arrived with the calf’s first. i feed them some grains. next i went to check on the cows. as i had arrived i didn’t see anything unusual. just some of them looked impatient. they would pase back and forth in a small space. nearly all the cows knew me. so getting very close with them was no problem. i then started to feed them the grains as well. but they really didn’t have an interest in the food. there eyes where wide open. like if they were terrified and scared. the more i noticed them pacing back and forth, and the more i noticed them all cramming to one side of the building, i kinda started to feel scared myself. i saw they were all avoiding the other side of the building. i took a few steps forward, to see if maybe there was a dead cow in the there. no dead cow. them a wird feeling of being watched came upon me. i stopped looking in the beds of the cows and looked at the end of the hall. at first glance i thought i was seeing a tree. then i realized there were no trees at the end of the hall. i had seen only half of a 4′ gray, greenish, black alien. the head definitely was bigger then the body. the eye almond shaped slanted. it had been looking or analysing me. my feet said run but i couldn’t run. i felt like i was moving in slow motion. i couldn’t yell, nor talk. in a very slow way, that thing was hiding away from me behind the wall. finally i was a blessing to run and i ran home very scared. but as soon as i opened the door. i knew i had to be very quiet. or else my parents were gunna get the belt out. they were very strict. i tippytoed back inside my room with my siblings. i had never told anyone about that knight untill now. i’m 26 years old now. i get constant thoughts about that night more and more now.

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