UFO Sighting in Easton, Pennsylvania on 1978-06-30 00:00:00 – Spoked craft slowly passed over the blue ridge drive-in theatre around midnight july of 1978

My mother took me and my best friend to the blue ridge drive in movie theatre in saylorsburg, pa during summer vacation (best guess is july 1978). we stayed for the double feature and during the late movie (probably around 12midnight), we noticed the wired window speaker became full of static and unlistenable. back in the day, we put blankets and pillows on the hood of our car to watch. we noticed a slow moving object (fairly big), slightly smaller than a hot air balloon but in a shape of an oval slowly approaching the drive in. it traveled slowly from the northwest to the southeast. it was a dark object and was spoked. it was a moonlit sky so you could see all these spokes coming out in all directions. it was fairly quiet, but there was a low level hum. the craft passed directly over the huge outdoor movie screen. and, the movie projection became distorted. the craft continued to move slowly away and the projection cleared up and the speakers cleared up. at that point, i would say about a dozen cars turned their headlights on and left the drive in (as did we).

we had three witnesses. my mother, me and my best friend. we were 10 years old. ironically about 15 years later, i ran into my best friend and we grabbed a sandwich. he was then a school principal. i simply said to him, “do you remember when we were at the drive in theatre”…And before i finished, he said “year, ufo’s in the pocono mountains”. clearly his recollection was similar to mine.

i did some research on ufo’s in saylorsburg and there were reports in the 60’s and 70’s of ufo’s at saylors lake in saylorsburg (just a couple miles north of the blue ridge drive in. today the blue ridge drive in is now the blue ridge flea market right at the intersection of rt. 33 and rt. 115 at the saylorsburg exit.

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