UFO Sighting in Luther, Michigan on 2017-08-06 13:23:00 – Seems small, oval shaped.

We stopped to take some pics of some nice deer that were eating as they were going over a dirt bearm. i took 4 photos of the deer the 2nd photo is the only one the object was in. all photos were taken from the same place at the same time just a few seconds apart. i did not notice what was in the photo until i looked at them a couple days ago. there were 3 of us in the truck, i took photos from the front passenger seat and a buddy of mine took 2 photos out of the drivers window, there was nothing different about his 2 photos. another guy was sitting in the back seat and was watching the deer but never saw any thing around the deer.
maybe you could shed some light on what this is in the 2nd photo.


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