UFO Sighting in Hubbard, Oregon on 2017-10-03 06:06:00 – White starlike appearence. changed to blue then red circles. then to bright defined triangle. when moved left an arc or comet like tail. silent. very slowly made it’s way west. dropped red lights, not quite orbs or circles.

i was sitting on the back patio having coffee at a friend’s house at 6 am on october 3, 2017. i noticed in front of me, low in the sky what i thought must be a plane or star low in the sky. it was bright white with pronounced white lines surrounding it. much like a child would draw a christmas star. i looked around at the other stars to compare and none had this same look. there was also airline traffic far to the east so i could compare the red/blue/white colors to them as well. it then changed to three circles, orbs if you will, of blue then red but very close together. then it dramatically changed again into a bright white very defined triangle and back to the original star like shape. i cannot tell you how long this process took but not long. i was amazed at how crisp and defined the triangle was. when it was back to the “star” shape i noticed it dropping red lights, not orbs, looked like red lines for lack of better description. i was trying to comprehend what i was seeing and i really can’t find the right words to describe the things it dropped. i have seen flares dropped from military helicopters and this wasn’t even close. i grabbed my cell phone and recorded the object for a short time. i was mesmerized and honestly more interested in seeing it with my eyes and not through a phone. this allowed me to get more detail. it was stationary except when in the three colored circle phase then it seemed to move around. i guess it was in this phase when i recorded it because in the video (crummy, on iphone) it moves quite a bit. it very slowly moved while in star form towards me a bit and i noticed an arc of white light behind it. then it was stationary for some time repeating above process.
i grabbed my friend but she was getting ready for work so she only could see it for a moment. i watched it for probably 20 minutes until it moved west out of view because of trees.
i had no explanation for what i was seeing. i wasn’t afraid at all which surprised me. i can’t explain it and it may sound odd but i had the feeling they were surveying. this is nothing but a strange, gut type feeling.
when i looked at the video which is hard to see unless you zoom in, i was surprised it looked a little different than what i saw in person. it looks like one blue orb with a white light inside and it dances around quite a bit. at the end when it appears to speed upward, that is just me lowering my phone. it was stationary.

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