Black Triangle Sighting in Texas on 2017-10-04 03:31:00 – Red lights that formed a triangle

It was at around 3:25 in the morning heading back home from a casino. i was in the pasamferr seat and my fiancée was driving and we were listening to some music and i was singing. so while i was singing i’m looking at the sky and it’s still dark outside so i’m looking up and i just see three red lights that formed a triangle and i was about to tell my fiancée look it’s a jet but it was moving too slow so i didn’t even get to tell him anything until it disappeared that’s when i said “it’s a ufo”. and after that i didn’t see it anymore in the sky..Honestly i felt so amazed that i had experienced that because i’m really into the ufos and aliens and things like that and seen it with my own eyes is something spectacular.

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