UFO Sighting in Wallisellen, Zürich on 2017-10-03 21:20:00 – Bright light frommwest direction north followed by shooting star and then helicopter

I was having a cigarette on my balcony looking west towards the airport. (zurich) i noticed a bright gold/ orange light through the trees. i watched it for a few minutes and it continued to rise quite fast (seemed faster than a plane) coming towards my direction. as i was watching, it got brighter when it appeared above my neighbours roof as it moved to my right, it dimmed slightly when it was approximately over the hardwald forest ma shooting star came over from my right in the direction of the bright sphere but burned out before it reached the same area. the bright orb seemed to slow down or gained altitude as it lost brightness then disappeared just north of where i was standing. within 15 minutes a helicopter shows up heading towards the forest and hovered for some 10 minutes before flying off towards the forest.
i would not have reported this as i have seen the sphere before in a similar direction as described a couple of months back but all three sightings together made me suspicious.
disclaimer: i do live near the airport and there is a lot of air traffic. i am very used to seeing aircraft flying in and around and this was very different.

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