UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 2009-04-15 18:00:00 – Stationary craft above highway during heavy traffic

Spring (maybe april) 2008 or 2009
near o’hare airport heading east towards chicago on i-90

my wife, daughter, and i had just returned from a trip to florida. the car was parked in the airport’s long term parking and the sky was clear. it was probably around 5-7pm so still light out. we had just left the winding highway roads around the airport and were driving east on i-90 towards chicago. directly in front of us, in the distance, i could see a low, bright light over the highway. i remember thinking, “interesting that that plane is flying directly in parallel with the highway and so low.” i assumed it was just an airplane lined up to land at the airport and that it would quickly turn off from the seemingly straight path it was taking above the highway. however, as i continued to drive, it seemed to continue it’s straight path directly towards us. i mentioned something about it to my wife but she didn’t seem interested (i think she was distracted on her phone, maybe texting her parents that we were on the ground heading home). as we got closer to it it remained in place, and i remember thinking, “wow, that is low!” as we got closer, i noticed it was not moving but stationary above the highway, with cars zipping along under it in both directions, as if nothing were there. as we drove under it, i looked up, leaning up a bit to look through the windshield in front of me. as we passed under, it was approximately 20 feet above the highway and it looked as if it were man-made. by that i mean it had large pipes, or ducts, and other mechanical-ish type looking parts. it must have been huge as i only was able to see a small part or section as we went under. after this, the strangest feeling happened. all of a sudden, i had this feeling of elation and felt as if i was the best and cleverest driver in the world, with the ability to quickly, and without effort, maneuver the car in and out of traffic like a pro (almost felt like flying). i think i looked back in the rear view mirror a couple times as the light diminished as we drove further away from it. afterwards, and over the last many years, i still go over it in my mind and am still mystified by it.

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