UFO Sighting in Edgar, Wisconsin on 2017-10-04 07:05:00 – Witnessed a hovering, bright sphere for 20 seconds or so, then object flashed brightly once then ascended stsight up until out of sight at high speed.

I was driving east on highway 29 just west of edgar wisconsin heading towards marathon city. i crested a small hill on the road and saw a bright sphere lower in the eastern sky hovering over the highway. it was approximately 7:05 am on my clock. the sun was coming up in the east in clear skies, and there was at least 1 airplane contrails much further to the east.

at first i thought the object was the planet venus, but it was about 2-3 times larger and brighter then i ever saw venus. as i kept getting closer, i sensed that this was different, and that it seemed to be moving/rotating. i watched it for at least 20 seconds.

the object was bright, but then it flashed one time about double the intensity. then the object started to accend straight up at a high rate of speed. by the time i got to around where it was hovering over highway 29, i could not see it anylonger.

i was in the military , and saw many high speed fighters on different exercises, when this shot straight up, i don’t think anything we have could have kept up with it.

i wish i could see it again longer, it was almost mesmerizing to look at.

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