UFO Sighting in Warner Robins, Georgia on 2017-10-03 22:04:00 – Bright star sized light that grew dim and bright. had blueish green lights and possible black round body. 2 of them

I live 80 miles south of atlanta and 1/4 mile from robins afb, so i’m used to air traffic all day and night. i was sitting in my back yard last night and look to my northwest and see a bright star shape thing. i couldn’t tell much about the direction it was heading at first, but it looked like it was rising over the tree line in a vertical motion. i then realized it was actually coming towards me, and i was sitting to the se of it. i watched it and as it passed over me, it seemed like the light was floating just over the tree tops. i think i may have seen a round black silhouette around the light. i can’t confirm it though. there were also blueish green lights on it as if there were wings, but i saw no wings. after it went over i look yo tge north and see another one. then beside that appears another one (possibly the 1st one?)i didn’t hear a sound and due to being so close to the base, there are multiple bans on drones in this area. i can’t find another report on this at all.Very soon after they are gone, some sort of aircraft took off from the base, however they may be training. i saw again tonight, and no sound on object. drones are banned her.

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