UFO Sighting in Mount Juliet, Tennessee on 2017-09-30 00:00:00 – Transpaernt “jellyfish” with coil, moving into the wind.

My wife, neighbor, and i observed an object from the driveway of my home in mt. juliet tn at approx. 1700 on sept 30 2017. as an open minded skeptic i assumed it was a weather balloon based on my unassisted view; it might have been. i grabbed my land telescope and was able to see it better. it looked like a glass jellyfish with an obvious coil (kind of like a fuse in a light bulb) running from what would be the bottom starboard side of the object, running up along the front to the top of the port side. the coil was obviously inside of the object. it was higher than a plane would cruise moving slow and towards the east; wind direction was south and light. i did observe a passenger liner fly under the object moving from the south to the north-west which provided me with some reference. the liner appeared to be lower than the object. the object’s size was about a quarter the size of the passenger liner (i’m guessing a 737), yet it was noticeably a lot higher in altitude. what was odd is that every time i got my telescope to focus on the object, the object would go out of focus within a second (not operator error). i also viewed the object through a set of bushnell binoculars (12×25)with the same results. the object disappeared behind a small, lone cloud cloud after about 15 minutes of observation.

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