UFO Sighting in Jacksonville, Florida on 1974-03-27 09:00:00 – Seamless, metallic orb found on the ground after a brush fire.

The sphere was discovered in 1974 when terry mathew betz, –thus the betz sphere – a medical student, discovered the object after a brush fire had destroyed a large area of a nearby forest near his home on st george island, near jacksonville.
the object, of approximately 20 cm in diameter, weighed about 20lbs and was in perfect condition with a triangle on its surface.
when placed on a table the smooth sphere would consistently roll right to the precipice of the glass surface, pause and then reverse its direction.

whenever a guitar was played near the object the metallic ball started to “vibrate like a tuning fork,” and began giving off a strange throbbing sound in response to certain notes. this sound terrified the betz family’s dog.
the sphere appeared to be responsive to weather conditions; becoming noticeably more active on bright days as opposed to overcast ones, as if it were being directly affected by the solar energy. although it was clearly influenced by sunlight, the sphere did not register any obvious changes when exposed to direct heat or infrared light.

i did not witness these events personally.

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