UFO Sighting in Kathmandu, Central Development Region on 2017-08-05 00:00:00 – On 5th august saturday morning 2017 my girlfriend saw a unusual big circle in the sky, circle was more like a rainbow and in the middle it looks like a sea

2017 5th august saturday morning… my girlfriend was watering in my garden at 9am than she look for flower on top but she saw something very long unusual straight white line coming from south of kathmandu and that line was end at the big circle in the middle of the sky

she call me after 15 min of that incident, when i look up at the sky the circle was very big and it look more like a rainbow making a circle and inside the circle looks like a deep sea.
i had seen eclipse before it was nothing like that… something i have never seen and look bit scary too.

than i put my sun glasses and other sun glasses on top of my cell phone camera
i was wanted to take the picture coz, that day the sky looks so unusual even i phoned
couple of my friend to look up in the sky. so, i took couple of pictures of that event
couldn’t stand for long time coz it was really hot day and my neck start aching
and after 1 hour that circle suddenly disappear.

on that evening i was checking the pictures that i took in the morning suddenly i saw something in the picture, i zoom it than .. god, how did i capture that so unknowing about what was happening there at that moment. i transfer all the pictures to my ipad and play with my photo editing app than it was there …Clear as a sky, i know about ufo and aliean, i alway believe that they exits but i never thought that someday without knowing i will capture them in my cell phone.

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