UFO Sighting in Blackstock, Ontario on 2017-10-05 23:10:00 – Red light flashing randomly and hovering then flying around in a field near hyrdo towers

October 5th 11:10 p.M. i was riding my motorcycle south on highway 57 as i approached the 9th concession i spotted a red light hovering in a field near the hydro towers i also noticed another car pulled over watching around the corner. i thought there was only one craft but when i looked at my pictures i realize that there were up to 5
this just adds to the list of many sightings in the last 3 months.
unfortunately i have to post these pictures with screenshots from my cell phone because my broadband is poor at the best of times as i live in a rural area
and the one pic is off my computer screen so i could zoom using cell phone camera to capture clearer picture

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