UFO Sighting in Tecumseh, Oklahoma on 1989-11-03 01:25:00 – Object hovered 30 ft above me

My sighting took place sometime in late october or early november of 1989 in tecumseh, oklahoma. i was 17 at the time and finishing up the end of my shift at nearly 1:15 am in the morning in a town called shawnee which is 5 miles north of tecumseh. i began driving down gordon cooper drive which leads directly into tecumseh when i noticed a large source of light coming from town, which i assumed were the baseball field lights left on presumably from a game that evening. i didn’t think much about it and continued my drive home.

after exiting gordon cooper drive onto rangeline dr, which is where the baseball field is located, i noticed the lights were gone and i figured that someone had finally stopped by to turn them. i travelled onwards to the intersection of walnut and rangeline when i suddenly noticed an object hovering directly over. i immediately stopped my vehicle and got out to observe.

the object seemed to be hovering at no taller than 30 ft above the ground and i was able to gauge this measurement by the telephone pole that stood right by the intersection. there were no streetlights around, the only source of light available came from a closed gas station that sat on the corner. the object itself was no larger than the size of a lincoln continental in length and possibly 6′ in height. it had two bulbous attachments underneath it’s carriage, the sides of the object seemed to protrude outwards. it was metallic in color and even seemed to illuminate but not brightly. it made absolutely no noise.

i walked into the middle of the intersection and could not take my eyes off of it. i began to look around me, looking for anyone else or even an oncoming vehicle that would at least assist me into not seeing this thing alone, but there was no one out. tecumseh is a very small town so it’s no surprise that everyone was probably still asleep. i witnessed this object for at least 3 full minutes until it began to turn slightly nw and started to move away. again, it made no noise as it began to move away. i watched the object “fly” ne until it was out of sight. knowing the direction it was going (which would have been towards highway 177), i ran back to my car and started it up performing a u-turn directly in the intersection and headed north on rangeline to the 177 exit.

i sped down rangeline to the 177 exit which was maybe just 8 blocks away. by the time i reached the exit i could see the object, now maybe slightly higher in elevation, and i could tell it was picking up speed. but as i reached the exit the object was now gone, having sped off at an alarming rate.

i had only told a select few of my experience and even called in to art bell’s coast to coast am to tell my story. sadly, he had to go to commercial as i started to tell my story. then i finally reported it to mufon sometime in 2005, but nothing ever came to light. to this day i have never read another ufo experience which described the object as i had seen it.

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