UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2017-10-09 20:00:00 – We sit outside when it’s dark and we see these star like orbs at first looks like a satellite but then it wobbles right to left turns direction then fades away. been noticing them the past two months over calgary alberta canada

I was outside in the front yard having a cigarette with my wife.

my wife noticed a closer, brighter object in the sky than the previous sightings we have seen.

we obviously thought it was an airplane as usual.

then we noticed no flashing lights just a bright light moving from west to east turned south eastward. it moved at the same speed wobbling right to left, got smaller then fading away. then we observed another object that looks like a star as we have seen before. same movements moving from north to south then disappearing. right after we saw the third object but from south going north then fading away. we have been seeing these objects in the sky the past three months. same object, movements but different areas in the sky.

we felt excited and amazed when we see them. not knowing what it is, we are confused. doesn’t move like a satellite. too slow for a shooting star. too high and bright to be an airplane. i felt to let you guys know about it to see if anyone else sees them.

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