UFO Sighting in Great Cacapon, West Virginia on 2017-06-11 04:00:00 – Ufo flew south, appeared to be shooting star then changed direction

I was on a camping trip with friends in west virginia. we had a fire going. most of my friends had fallen asleep but one was awake still, but not outside of his tent. i was observing the sky for a few minutes, something i don’t get to appreciate much as i don’t live in a rural area.

when i first saw the object i thought it was a shooting star, maybe a satellite or even space junk. it was outside of the stratosphere. it was traveling south, then suddenly changed directions and immediately headed east out of nowhere. it didn’t slow down or stop but it almost appeared as if it was being pulled that direction like a magnet. as if as soon as it hit that point of whatever line/path it was taking, something just sucked it east.

i didn’t think too much of it, i’m not sure what the object was though. i lost sight of the object as it continued flying east for as far as i could see until it was no longer in the horizon. i didn’t notice any blinking lights which caused me not to second guess my assumption of it being outside of the stratosphere.

the object was traveling extremely fast considering how high it had to be and the entire observation lasted less than 10 seconds.

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