UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Maryland on 2009-10-09 23:01:00 – Beam of light witnessed outside while these spinning circles floated above me and daughter while in bed.Causing me to fall into a sleep,

October 9th 2009 around 11pm, me and my 2 year old daughter were asleep in my bed and i was awoken by something. i saw what looked like circles or hoops spinning within each other. its hard to describe but some circles spun in one direction while the others spun in the opposite direction creating an effect like spokes on a bike wheel as it spins…It looked like dashes as they spun crossing each other.It had a glow to it and i think i remember a hum coming from it. it was hovering above my daughter. i remember reaching up to touch it but as soon as i did, i suddenly fell into a deep sleep. at the same time, 3 people were outside witnessing a light beam, which they described as a flashlight beam shooting down in our back yard but the light never touched the ground and no source was seen nor any sound was heard. days later she spoke of her “little alien friends” and mentioned the name galaca. now as a 9 year old she had a memory surface of that night. she said she was sitting on a floor, bound by a sticky substance that resembled spaghetti. she said she saw short creatures some grey some green. they were speaking among themselves in a nonsense language, she says. and they were observing her closely. i dont know if i was taken as well but i did have a flashback where i was laying on a table looking up. i drew a picture of what i saw. it was a silver shiny web shaped curved ceiling with small holes. behind it a purple, red and green glow of colors shone thru the holes. and hanging from it was a black claw.

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