UFO Sighting in Pasadena, Texas on 2006-01-11 00:00:00 – Three lights created a triangle form and hovered south on strawberry rd. they moved slowly but maintained a form and position. then a fourth appeared. duration 3 hours. lights went off in separate directions. happened again following year around the same

I was driving south down strawberry rd in pasadena, texas when i saw three lights creating a triangle form in the distance. i parked and watched since they seemed to just hover in place, blinking. it was pretty dark since this is a back road and the lights didn’t move as a normal aircraft would.
they moved slowly, but always maintained the triangle form and position. after maybe 30 minutes, a fourth appeared and a diamond form was created. the lights seemed to flicker randomly. this lasted for 3 hours. then they suddenly went off in separate directions. i observed this happening again for a few more years around the same time of year.

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