Apologies go out to Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Their race to create the first commercial space flight has been all for naught, as Spain has beat them to it. Well, sort of beat them to it. Well, actually not at all but this video is still really cool. In September of 2015, PlayMID created a light […]

Air Force Denies Close Encounters of the Roswell Kind

The following, is an article I wrote for the Roswell Daily Record news paper, Roswell, New Mexico, which was published on Thursday, October 5th, 2017. The movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, originally released in November of 1977, has become a cult classic not only to UFO investigators like myself, but non-enthusiasts alike. Written […]

What Do The Anunnaki Want With Earth?

If you have been reading up on the Anunnaki, you probably have noticed we spend most of our time trying to understand who and what the Anunnaki are. That is understandable. Who and what are big questions with many facets and plenty of mysteries to plumb, and it takes quite a lot of time and […]

Daily UFO Headlines 10/12/2017

I-Team: Public company launched to investigate UFOs – Las Vegas Now Tom DeLonge Announces Stars Academy for ‘Outer Edges of Science’ Research – Rolling Stone New UFO research project aims to be transparent – Fox 5 Las Vegas The strange case of the St. Helens UFO – The Chronicle Pascagoula alien abduction incident anniversary – […]

Mobilize hundreds of years of biodiversity information with WeDigBio!

By: Dr. Libby Ellwood Each year, millions of people flock to natural history museums to see examples of plants, animals, gemstones and more from places around the world. But what those visitors *don’t* get to see are the countless additional specimens behind the scenes. These specimen collections, housed at museums, universities, and other institutions, are […]

Supplies of a Rare Cancer-Killing Compound Were Dwindling…Not Anymore

Bugula neritina is a rather inconspicuous marine organism. It looks like purplish seaweed, but it’s actually a branching colony of individual, tentacled zooids (the technical term for individuals in a colonial invertebrate) that resemble badminton shuttlecocks. It’s abundant, invasive and widely viewed as a pest as it accumulates on ships, dock sides, buoys and intake […]

UFO hunters claim they’ve found an underwater alien base on Google Maps

Humans have yet to explore the deep wonders of the sea, but a recent find suggests aliens may have already beaten us to it. Deep below the Pacific Ocean lies what one Martian researcher has deemed ‘a perfect pyramid’. Using Google Earth, this massive structure appears to be 8.5 miles across and some say it […]

Tobacco Companies Snuff Smoke, But Health Benefits Still Hazy

Smoking: It’s bad for you. Take the smoke out of smoking, though, and you might be on to something. That, at least, is the thought process behind newly-emerging smokeless forms of nicotine, the most prominent right now being e-cigarettes. A vape pen just doesn’t deliver the same sweet rush of nicotine and the satisfying “throat […]

Drones Save Fawns From Terrible Fates

Bambi: A classic children’s movie about a happy-go-lucky fawn that ultimately takes a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, real life is no walk in the park for young deer either. Early in a fawn’s life, its mother will leave for extended periods to forage for food and ensure predators stay at bay, wildlife experts say. […]

Worms Eat Impenetrable Sea Urchins by Crawling into Their Mouths

Sea urchins living in the Mediterranean have a new enemy: the bearded fireworm. This toothless but determined predator has found a way to devour sea urchins, despite their spines and stony shells. And the worms’ appetite for urchins might remake entire ocean ecosystems. The bearded fireworm, Hermodice carunculata, grows up to a foot long and is fuzzy, not in the […]

Infamous TR-3B On Secret Mission?

This footage was recorded with an infrared camera. This camera allows us to see objects in the infrared spectrum. The human eye does not have the capabilities to see the infrared spectrum. The infrared camera captured this triangular UFO during the night. The camera shows several objects like airplanes, but these can also be seen […]

Dr. Steven Greer: Super Secret Groups Planning False Flag Alien Attack!

As part of our ongoing effort to explore our universe and seek answers to really big questions, The Health Ranger / Natural News recently interviewed Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. Dr. Greer, a prominent UFO researcher and emergency room physician, founder of Sirius Disclosure and creator of the popular new documentary Unacknowledged, explains that he believes […]

UFO Tracked By Radar and Photographed Over USS Nimitz

     On the morning of 14 November 2004, Dave and his WSO launched into the clear blue Southern California sky about a hundred miles southwest of San Diego. Their Call Sign was FASTEAGLE 01. His By Paco Chiericifightersweep.com wingman and WSO launched just after them in FASTEAGLE 02. They climbed overhead the ship and […]