UFO Article (Blog): “The Newhouse Utah Movie – Part Two”

By Kevin D. Randle, 24 December 2013
(A Different Perspective, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Delbert C. Newhouse, a U.S. Navy Warrant Officer and Chief Photographer, filmed several manoeuvring UFOs over Tremonton, Utah, on 2 July 1952, at 11:00 a.m.
Quote from the article:
“Well, as I have said, repeatedly, nothing is simple in the world of the UFO. Skeptics have made a big deal out of a letter written by Dr. James McDonald in which he quotes from his 1970 interview with Delbert Newhouse that he, Newhouse, was ‘…positive they had cut the first 10 or 20 feet [of the film], which were shot when the objects were very much closer…’ There was also discussion by Newhouse that he had not received the original film back and that seems to be borne out by various letters and memos contained in the Project Blue Book files.
However, this does seem to strengthen, to a degree, Newhouse’s statements to McDonald some twenty (or 18) years after the fact. He said the film was altered, he said that frames were missing, and he was correct about both those things.”

The fact that the U.S. Air Force tampered with both the 1950 Nicholas Mariana film and the 1952 film recorded by Delbert C. Newhouse – seems to point towards that the U.S. Air Force or another U.S.government agency/group collects and keeps the best UFO evidence.


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Freeze-frame from the 2 July 1952 Delbert C. Newhouse UFO film
(hyper.net image)

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