UFO Sighting in Fairfield, California on 2017-10-11 03:59:00 – None i can recal

Help me its happening for the last 8 days straight, call me, please!There has never been any contct of any kind, but things are happening and im freaking out! it is currently getting stronger, hurry call! me at least do that first trust me …!
im up right now ! waitng pacific standard time. if you doubt me then test me out what do you have to lose?
but i promise something is not right, i can explain and make your people understand. just call.Pls thank you mr. wess r k gonsalves. i have all the evidenced proof you can copy it whatever, just call do what ever it is you do with real situations that have strong potential i’m going into my garage call me, privately pls.. ill be waiting…Thanks! i’m excited so happy though like really happy please call i need some one that will a least listen.

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