Black Triangle Sighting in Detroit, Michigan on 2016-08-25 16:30:00 – Object appeared suddenly, almost overhead, slightly reflective in sun, began filming after it was under the clouds moving away

While part of a small filming crew, stationed in a local city park in detroit, michigan, i took a break and laid flat on the grassy ground. it was late august and in the upper 80’s. after a couple of minutes, i opened my eyes looking up at the partly cloudy sky. it appeared as if a storm was brewing with large, billowing dark clouds starting to appear. while staring at the sky an object materialized almost directly overhead. it was in the sun and rather high up, and it had a definite shape to it. it had sharp edges that reflected slightly differently. it was definitely not an airplane. i was stunned and just stared at it, studying its unusual shape, as it began to move in a straight line that was directed away from me. at this point it occurred to me that i should try to film it so as to verify what i saw. the only camera i had was on my cell phone, and it was laying with other personal items about 100 feet from me. i sprinted to get the phone, and as i ran back to where i saw it, i fumbled around trying to pull up the camera app. i finally did, and just pointed it in the direction of where i saw it, as i couldn’t find it initially. by the time i could see it again, it had moved a good distance away and was under cloud cover. at this point it looked as though a dark sphere were moving away from me. there was no noise emanating from the object at any point; and, although i didn’t see it, a faint airplane noise was coming from behind me somewhere. the object became very faint and i stopped filming it. as i looked to where it was without the phone camera, i could see it disappear into the clouds. when i got home that evening, i used windows paint to reproduce what i initially saw but without the reflections. i included that reproduction with this report.

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