UFO Sighting in Warren, Ohio on 2017-10-07 19:43:00 – 8 glowing orange spheres.

Date: 10/7/17 – time: approx. 19:45 to approx. 21:30 est

atmospheric conditions: clear at first. cloud ceiling at 30800 ft. at final viewing.

while sitting on my back porch, facing north, eight bright, orange spheres were observed moving from the south to the north in the sky to the west of me. at their highest, they were approximately 20 to 25 degrees above the western horizon. at arm’s length, i gauged them to be maybe 1/4” in diameter. other witnesses from nearby vantage points reported them as larger. no tail. no sound. not blinking. continuous and consistent luminosity with slight flickering. the sun had set to the west beyond them from my vantage point, so reflected light from it would not have been possible. they appeared to maintain altitude, covering a distance from horizon to horizon in under 30 seconds. the first 3 were sighted about 5 to 10 minutes apart. later, 2 more were seen about 5 minutes apart. the last 3 were seen nearly together, one after another, in view at the same time, below cloud level. without knowing how far away or how large they were, size and distance could not be determined. as they disappeared to the north, you could see they were west of the trees at the first houses on ridge rd. at the top of the hill. a poor quality video using a phone was captured for the last one seen.

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