UFO Sighting in Grays essex, England on 2017-10-14 10:50:00 – Seen hovering west above grays in essex ran to get iphone to take picture,ran to other window and was heading east towards southend but hovering to far away and cloudy for pic

I was looking out of kitchen window looking at the sun and cloud formations,i spotted a orange red object in the sky at grays,thought it was a weather balloon or drone at first.It was high up because cloud sometimes covered it,too windy for kite or balloon because it was still at times i have never believed about ufos until i see this so was quiet excited in finding this,the thing is there were 3 planes in the area at the time coming from southend direction to london,at least some pilot must of seen something,i lost sight of the object when i tried looking for camera on phone,looked up and it had gone

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