UFO Sighting in Kenner, Louisiana on 2006-09-15 21:00:00 – I saw 3 objects i could not identify fly over me in my backyard in triangular formation at night

I was watching tv with my wife and stepson at night. i decided to take a walk into my backyard as i often do. i have a swing set in the sw corner
of my yard and i walked toward it when a movement caught my eye and i looked up toward the sw and saw something coming toward me in the sky. i had no idea what it was. at first i thought it was only one object but as it got a little closer i saw 3 objects. one was in the front and the other 2 were in the back forming a triangle formation. they were all the same
distance apart from each other, say 20-30 feet and did not seem to be connected. they were about 100 to 150 feet off the ground moving at about 25mph toward the ne. i remember thinking that i possibly could have hit them with a 12 gauge shotgun since i use to hunt when younger. i also thought that their shape, as well as i could make out, was like a wooden whiskey barrel or wine barrel about the size of a 55 gallon drum in a horizontal (not vertical) position. they came from the sw which is the direction of new orleans international airport only about 1 1/2 miles away
which i thought was very odd. afterwards i thought did they “launch” it or see it? they had no wings, blades, balloons, lights, or sound. they passed directly over me. then i yelled to my stepson to come quick to see
it and he came out of the house quickly and i pointed toward the northeast
since they had just passed over me and he said “i see it.” seconds later it was out of sight. they did not appear metallic and i did not or could
not see any markings. i have never seen anything like this before and could not understand what was powering it. at that time i did not have a computer and i just let it go. having a computer now i found this reporting site and decided to submit this information to you because my
curiosity would like to know what i saw if possible. it may have a simple explanation that i am just not aware of.

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