Google Searches: Focus On Glenn Ryder’s Involvement In the Hickson/Parker UFO Incident

The Charles Hickson/Calvin Parker UFO incident occurred in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on 11 October 1973. Glenn Ryder was a Jackson County Deputy Sheriff at the time of the Pascagoula UFO incident. (Search term: Glenn Ryder Pascagoula UFO) (All) (Glenn Ryder Pascagoula UFO) (Videos) ( photo) Satellite photo of Pascagoula, Mississippi ( ( photo)

43 Freaky Facts about Conspiracy Theories

A “Conspiracy Theory” is the belief that an organization is secretly responsible for an event. Sometimes, these theories end up being true, but the vast majority of the time, they’re totally fictional. Here at Factinate, we aren’t claiming to believe in any of these. We’re just bringing you the good gossip. Here is a list […]

A Parade of Scientific Mice

Recently I was reading a neuroscience paper and was struck by the cuteness of the two mice that formed part of Figure 1: So I decided to look further and collect a montage of scientific mice. All of these drawings are taken from peer-reviewed scientific papers. As you can see, the styles vary greatly. Some mice are […]

11 crazy Bigfoot conspiracy theories

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, chances are you live pretty close to somebody who does: Sasquatch sightings have been reported in every state but Hawaii over the course of several centuries. In the process, a number of bizarre theories have been put forth to explain how the mysterious beasts came to be, reproduce, […]

$5 Million Ranch for Sale in Arizona is Alleged Alien Hotspot

The realtor listing for the Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona might at first appear to be your run-of-the-mill $5 million, 10-acre ranch, but in reality the place may be one of the world’s most active sites of alien visitation and paranormal happenings. According to owners John and Joyce Edmonds, the weirdness began right when they […]

Nearby ‘Death Star’ Dubbed Kronos has Devoured 15 Earth-like Planets

In mythology, the Titan Kronos devoured his children, including Poseidon (better known as the planet Neptune), Hades (Pluto) and three daughters. Astronomers discovered twin stars, one of which showed signs of having ingested a dozen or more rocky planets, they named them after Kronos and the companion star is named Krios, after Kronos’ brother. Their […]

UFO Sighting in Baumholder, Rhineland-Palatinate on 1975-03-29 02:59:00 – Glowing orbs of lights following/chasing militart and public police vehicles through the streets of baumholder w. germany

For many years since the occurance i have never heard anyone make mention of this. it was the eve of easter 1975. i was sleeping when i was awakened by the sound of sirens. it seemed to last for hours. the following day i was at a church dinner. i asked if anyone knew the […]