UFO Sighting in Baumholder, Rhineland-Palatinate on 1975-03-29 02:59:00 – Glowing orbs of lights following/chasing militart and public police vehicles through the streets of baumholder w. germany

For many years since the occurance i have never heard anyone make mention of this. it was the eve of easter 1975. i was sleeping when i was awakened by the sound of sirens. it seemed to last for hours. the following day i was at a church dinner. i asked if anyone knew the reason for the sirens the night before. one of the attendants was a radar operator for the air-force base located in the area. he told me that glowing lights appeared following/chasing all the mp vehicles on patrol that night. (later it remined me of a scene from close encounters) it only occurred that one time to my knowledge. do you know of this event?

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