UFO Sighting in Michigan on 1990-09-01 00:00:00 – Lights and missing time

I was born in traverse city, mi and lived there until 1993. it was the fall of 1991 and i had been at a friend’s house. i was coming back to my house and as i walked up toward my house i saw the curtains in my living room window pulled aside and someone look out at me. as i walked through the front door i came to realize no one was home. i was confused because i had clearly seen the curtain pulled back and a face look out at me. i looked around the house and started down the hall toward my bedroom. the whole time i was thinking one of my brothers was playing with me and i was expecting them to hop out. my mother’s room was at the end of the hall. near the lower right edge of her door i saw what i thought was our cat peering around the corner at me. a dark face low to the ground. i called to the cat and then stood frozen as the face rose about 4 feet. i still get chills from the image in my mind. it wasn’t the cat. it was something else. i remember this feeling in my legs that they wouldn’t move. they were cemented to the floor like in nightmares. i felt chills run down my spine to my feet and i bolted through the front door as fast as i could. i ran to the dirt driveway and stood still unsure what to do or where to go. suddenly i saw my mom and brothers and our car in the driveway. i had to shake off the feeling that i wasn’t alone anymore but also that the daylight was suddenly gone. somehow it had gone from day to night and i had no memory of it. i don’t remember my family pulling into the drive. some call this missing time. mine wasn’t just missing. it was nonexistent. through the years i have had a recurring dream about this event and it comes clearer as i get older.

i remember my room and my bed. i remember staring out the window at night as i fell asleep and often seeing strange lights. i would mention these to my family and faced constant ridicule for it. this also occurred when i was much younger and my mother would try to explain them as simple tricks of the eyes. light from cars or something in my peripheral vision seeming brighter than they really were.

many nights during my summer vacations, from the years 1994-1996, i would lay out after our bonfires and look at the stars. i had a fascination with counting satellites and seeing shooting stars. there were times i can remember seeing what i thought were satellites and following them in their heading only to see them waver and change direction. i can also recall seeing what i thought were multiple satellites in formation.

this all sounds ridiculous i know but i’m almost 40 now and this is still with me. i carry it with me like a dark secret. i don’t mention it anymore but figured if anyone would be open to it it would be mufon. i’ve heard your group mentioned many times in ufo docs.

i guess i’m looking for advice on this. i’ve heard there are therapy options or even hypnosis (although i’m a huge skeptic of hypnosis) being used to remember events.

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