UFO Sighting in Plattsburgh, New York on 2017-10-17 01:45:00 – Driving allong a lake side road at 1:30 a.M. saw ufo hovering over the water 40/50 feet from the road and my car. dissapeared when we drove back the same way.

We were driving along the road around 1:30 in the morning listening to music we have been down this road before at night so we know what is is suppose to look like at night. but for some reason on that night it was different unlike any other. we were driving allong a lake shore road in plattsburgh, the speed limit was 55, as we got closer to the beginning of the road, we saw a blinding white led style light. hovering over the water. nobody was around because it was so early in the morning so it was not a drone. it was a ufo. it was aproxomatly the size of a large truck or school bus. we drove by it terrified. after getting so close to it we could see the underside of the object. we drove away fast because we were scared. when we can back on our way home, it had vanished.

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